Are you a Christian?

You may think our building is beautiful and peaceful.  You may appreciate its history, art and architecture.  You may enjoy the music at our services, or the teaching, or the welcome you receive. But if you don’t understand what’s at the heart of it all, you’ve missed the point.

About 2000 years ago God was born as a man, Jesus Christ.  He shared our human life, and taught people powerfully about justice, truth, forgiveness and, most importantly, love. He also taught that God made us all to be his sons and daughters, to live for ever with him.
Jesus was put to death by the religious people of his day because he threatened their power. But three days later he appeared again alive, first to his friends, and then to many others. He told them to take his message and his promise of eternal life all over the world. 
Christians try to follow the way of life Jesus taught, but we don’t do it alone because he is still with us. When we commit ourselves to him, he puts his own Spirit in us to help us live his way. Baptism is the sign that a person wants to be a Christian and to follow Jesus.  Jesus promises forgiveness for all those who want to make a fresh start in their lives.  He meets us especially in prayer and worship and when we come to Holy Communion.  At this special service, Jesus gives himself to us in the bread and the wine, which become for us his body and his blood, and he sends us out as his body on earth, to do his will.  
This church exists only to proclaim these truths. If you want to know more, you are warmly invited to a service here – or contact us if you would like to know more about the Christian faith. There are also opportunities to explore the Christian faith further in the company of others – ask us for more details.
Come and discover the real point of this place, and of everything else.
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